Second Century ByFaith (2CBF)

Mission: 2CBF is not only a convention-based program, it is an auxiliary designed to retain, engage, and evangelize to the young adults, ages 18-35, within our church and abroad.

Vision: It is our goal to evangelize, train and equip leaders of this generation through creative and innovative programming designed to meet the needs of members of this generation. Our goal is not to only produce spiritually whole individuals but individuals who are whole in their personal lives as well.

Our Beliefs: Second Century ByFaith (2CBF) seeks to inspire, encourage, and uplift believers between the ages of 18-35 to boldly raise the banner of holiness as they exercise biblical principles in their daily lives while retaining membership, maintaining healthy relationships, and connecting through fellowship.

Why do we exist?

We exist to Reach!

Reach In. Reach Out. Reach Up.

R. – Reach the present age. By standing in the gap, we are committed to reaching this age group to help establish a meaning and purposeful relationship in Christ. We will focus on lost souls and reach for those who may be disinterested in serving within the church body. 

E. – Equip Leaders. By providing quality leadership training and providing hands on leadership opportunities. Our desire is to learn all that we can so that we can have the tools and the resources to lead our great church in the future.

A. – Affect Culture. – By standing up and being the change in our environment. By standing firm in the standard of truth that God has called us to. By stepping up and standing out and being the one who will go against popular culture and teaching the true message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

C. – Cultivate Community. – By creating a community in which every 2CBF member feel as if they belong and are valued for their contributions. To create a deeper fellowship with individuals outside of our local churches and respective districts.

H. – Honor God. – By being submissive to God first. By giving Him our best. By using all of our gifts and talents to give God all honor and glory.



Minister Roderick Montgomery II and Evangelist Brittany R. Montgomery was recently appointed as leaders of 2CBF Ocala District.

Rod II, is a son of By Faith. His roots run deep into the core of By Faith. He’s a man of “faith “as his great-grandfather the late Elder Donison Henry. Roderick is the son of Evangelist Myra Hickley- Montgomery and Roderick Montgomery.  Rod grew up as a child on the Ocala District and is proud to serve his district and church in anyway that he can. Currently, he is the National President of 2CBF. He has served as Vice President of 2CBF Ocala District, youth leader, deacons ministry, musician, and armor bearer to Ruling Elder Ware. He is a licensed Minister through the COGBF Theological Institute and currently in the Elder’s program. Professionally, he is a licensed barber.

He is a most importantly a dedicated and humble servant.
Rod and Brittany are members of Ocala Temple COGBF in Ocala, Florida under the leadership of under the leadership of Ruling Elder James T. Ware. They have three children: Jace, Christian Bernard, and Roderick III.
Minister Rod Montgomery &
Evangelist Brittany Montgomery
Young Adult 2CBF  Members
Brittany, is the daughter of Prophetess Cynthia Rudolph and Dr. Bishop Bernard & Evangelist Felicia Bishop. She was reared in House of God Inc. & Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Christ Inc, while in college she became a member Church of God By Faith in Auburn, Alabama under the leadership of Superintendent Emeritus Elder Jake and Mary D. Smith. She was an active member on the Alabama District before she got married and transitioned to the Ocala District.
She was the former President of 2CBF Alabama District. She serves the church in the following roles: National Leadership board for 2CBF as Vision 20/20 Director, Women’s Ministry, and CTI IT Specialist. Brittany is a consecrated Evangelist and is certified in Advanced Biblical Studies through the COGBF Theological Institute.
Professionally, she is a middle school social science teacher in which she holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree. 

They are elated to serve in this role together in this season and humbled to serve this present age and bring a new light to 2CBF across COGBF.

District Youth & 2CBF Choir – The youth choir will give youth across the district a time to fellowship and worship God through singing.
Dance/Drama Team- The goal is to provide this opportunity to those youth that may not be comfortable with singing but may be interested in worshiping God through dance.
Life Skills 101- This would be a meeting with 2CBF between quarterly meetings. The meetings will highlight building life skills to live currently. Meetings would cover how to manage finances, health, and building families tips. This is will be a time of fellowship and learning.
Evangelism and Outreach- The goal will be to partner with Missionary Shelia Jones to support the Evangelism and Outreach department on the Ocala District.
Ocala District Young Adult Brotherhood- district extension of the National 2CBF Brotherhood. A time of fellowship, mentoring, and teaching.
Daughters of the King- The By Faith Daughters of the King initiative (DOK) is a ministry, supported by First Lady DeLois McKnight, that provides teen girls a safe space to explore and understand issues that they face in today’s society, to connect with seasoned women, establish relationships, share stories, gain wisdom and encouragement to overcome life challenges. As a national initiative, DOK will expand and develop resources that district, and local churches may use to specifically enhance the spiritual growth and development of this population of youth.
District Youth Ambassadors-  Five youth ambassadors, ages 13-17, selected to serve on behalf of the youth department. They will receive training and leadership opportunities.
Selection Criteria: Youth must be faithful and active on local and district levels; all recommended youth will be interviewed and selected based on responses and presentations given during the interviews. Youth ambassadors will be recognized and trained to serve on district and national levels and will receive special awards of service at designated times.